Reading Library

List of books and documents that you may find useful, thanks for all the recommendations.

◾Mindset – Carol Dweck
◾Full on Learning: Involve me and I’ll understand – Zoe Elder
◾The Perfect OFSTED English Lesson – David Didau
◾High Performers – The Secrets of Successful Schools – Alistair Smith
◾The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook – Jim Smith
◾The Teacher’s Toolkit – Paul Ginnis
◾Visible Learning – John Hattie
◾The Perfect OFSTED Lesson – Jackie Beere
◾Teacher: Mastering the Art and Craft of Teaching – Tom Bennett
◾Oops! Helping children learn accidentally – Hywell Roberts
◾Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners – Andy Griffith & Mark Burns
◾The Coaching Toolkit – Shaun Allison & Michael Harbour
◾Bounce: The myth of talent and the power of practice – Matthew Syed
◾The Talent Code – Daniel Coyle
◾An Ethic of Excellence: Building a Culture of Craftsmanship with Students – Ron Berger
◾Turn the Ship Around: How to Create Leadership at Every Level – David Marquet
◾Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action – Simon Sinek
◾Inspirational Teachers Inspirational Learners – Will Ryan
◾Creative Teaching: Learning with Style – David Starbuck
◾SOLO Taxonomy – A guide for schools – Pam Hook
◾How to Teach – Phil Beadle
◾Classroom Behaviour – A Practical Guide – Bill Rogers
◾Cracking the Hard Class – Bill Rogers
◾Getting the Buggers to Behave – Sue Cowley

◾Inside the black box (Dylan Wiliam & Paul Black, 1990)
◾Tight but loose: Scaling up teacher development (E. Caroline Wylie, 2008)
◾Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques ( John Dunlosky, Katherine A. Rawson, Elizabeth J. Marsh, Mitchell J. Nathan and Daniel T. Willingham, 2013)

◾12 Outstanding Schools


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