Thinking about the importance of mindset

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit

Great talk to get you thinking about instilling grit into students. I have been reading carol Dweck mindset an inspiring book and I have been thinking about how I can help increase a growth mindset in my sixth form students. Dwecks mindset is very similar to the concepts In psychology of external and internal locus of control. When teaching my psychology students about this as part of their course I ask them to complete a questionnaire to find out which locus of control they are, I am rarely surprised by the results. This year however I decided to map their scores against their grades on the January exam and not surprising for me but for them there was a distinct correlation between them those with the internal locus of control doing much better than those with the external locus of control. I feel it is therefore vitally important to thinking about ways I which we can help increase grit and a growth mindset. Any of your ideas most welcome.

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