Graphic Organisers

Confirmation of a technique that I had been using in my teaching to help my students understand key concepts and ideas.

I am an advocate for the teaching of skills and  embedding them into content. Teaching psychology and sociology means that my students are constantly required to critically analyse and evaluate key skills that they do not need as much of at KS5 and therefore something that needs teaching. I would almost go as far to say that I now teach the content through the teaching of skills and will very rarely teach any content at all. It was on preparing for a session to support other members of staff with Post 16 teaching that I came across Geoffy Petty and his amazing wealth of ideas and research. It confirmed to me that I had been on the right track and gave me many many new ideas.

Graphic Organisers and Visual representations

These are one of the most powerful routes to understanding that research has uncovered. Graphic organisers organise content graphically. They may contain text but the position of the text shows relationships within the information. There is a case to be made for representing all information in a visual manner. They can be used either by the teacher as a means of displaying information to the class as a summary or handout or by the student as an activity creating or completing one and as a means to plant write, make notes as a support to help them answer questions or discuss ideas as learning game. Shared below are just a few examples but there are 100’s if you type it into the internet . Reference for further reading and most of these ideas  Geoff Petty  a practical guide to teaching. An excellent book for any teacher 


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